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We help our clients turn big plans into reality with customized solutions and integrated systems that few can provide.

Why IPtelX?

IPtelX empowers our clients with a unique approach unlike any telecom provider. We specialize in custom applications with telecom services backed by a global network connected to nearly every major carrier and internet provider around the world. Whether you’re an enterprise with several locations looking to integrate your communications and be able to share and failover resources at ease, a small business looking for top-notch quality backed by a redundant network for an affordable price, or a provider with your own customer base looking for someone to do the heavy lifting and ensure you have a rock solid network to provide your end user services, IPtelX has you covered.

Our team of software developers and network engineers work strategically to help our clients turn their plans into a reality. As the leading provider of telecom services to the alarm and security industries, our network is built on the highest standards of quality and redundancy. We own our own data centers and operate a network operations center that provides around the clock monitoring of our network and our clients' services. IPtelX is built from a security software company and understands software and integration unlike most in the telecom industry.


As a leader in the alarm and security industries, our network is carrying traffic that impacts lives, property, and sensitive data. Security is our top priority.


Our network is built on almost every major carrier and internet provider. We can leverage several paths to and from any origin or destination within the internet and PSTN.

Real-Time Monitoring

We’ve enabled our 24/7 network operation center to be proactive with comprehensive tools that identify issues, threats, and patterns before our customers and services are impacted.

Solutions Offered:

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