Welcome to IPtelX

We are IPtelX, a communications technology company that is rewriting the rules of telecom.  We help communications providers turn big plans into a reality with customized solutions and integrated systems that few can provide.

IPtelX empowers its customers to develop exceptional products and launch them at scale.  We design, develop and operate our business like you do, in real time.  We love combining high quality service with instant gratification.  So how do we manage to do this?

We own our own data centers and operate a network operations center providing around the clock monitoring with interconnection to most major networks in North America. We were built from a security software company and understand software and integration unlike most in the telecom industry.

Don’t know anything about telecom?  No problem!  Some of our customers run their own networks and infrastructure, but many of them don’t and we love working with them. They may not want to run their own infrastructure because of cost, complexity and time to market and want us to just manage and scale everything for them. We can handle all of the inbound and outbound phone calls, messaging, 911 needs, call recording, routing, text to speech and pretty much everything else you can think of.  While they focus on developing their own products and making their customers happy, we handle every last bit of the telecom complexity and scale it for them.