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As an expert in mission-critical alarm and life safety telecommunications, IPtelX offers a unique approach to keeping users connected. Unlike some of the leading networks who prioritize profit over customer service, we identify, resolve, and eliminate connection issues before they become a problem. From our ability to produce custom telecom solutions using exclusive GIS data to our dedicated team of engineers and account specialists who work with you at every step, IPtelX solutions make an impact with telecom services you can rely on.

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Whether you’re interested in starting a career in technology but don’t want the trouble of building a brand or you’re a veteran of the telecom industry, becoming an IPtelX reseller offers many opportunities. When you work with IPtelX, you can be your own boss, work from home, and be in control of your future.

What is a reseller?

Reselling is a perfect opportunity for someone that is great at building relationships with clients and doesn’t want to focus on the technical aspects of building a telecom network. The typical reseller purchases our off-the-shelf services at a discount and marks them up to sell to their end users for a profit. This offers many exclusive benefits, including not having to maintain the overhead of owning your own business and investing in inventory. Resellers “white label” or rebrand our products as their own, which makes it easier to build a brand while delivering a fully developed platform that you can sell as an exclusive solution.

What to consider when white labeling your business

White labeling is a key advantage to being an IPtelX reseller; but there are a few things to keep in mind. By offering your own branded services and solutions to your clients you will not only build trust and confidence in your business, but your name will also be at the forefront of any future telecom decisions your customer makes. Choosing a white label approach also saves time and money that would typical go into developing a new brand and business. Although IPtelX has a proven track record for maintaining industry standard uptime and geo-redundancy, it is important to remember that you don’t have complete control of your technology when you rebrand another product. Your reputation depends on the quality of your partner’s services.

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