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Why IPtelX?

The alarm and security industry’s only dedicated alarm signal network

Alarm signals are complex and require the clearest carrier route for error-free delivery, but many telecom providers who say they can deliver error-free signals are unable to meet their customer’s needs. Most monitoring stations are unaware they are not receiving signals. With unreliability driving subscribers to choose do-it-yourself alternatives and the health and wellbeing of the alarm industry uncertain, our users are searching for cost-effective, proven solutions.

Delivering clean communications

As the alarm industry transitions from analog to VoIP-based technology, alarm monitoring centers are noticing an influx of unreliable signals from carriers who don’t understand alarm signaling. When a subscriber and central station use different telecom carriers, the alarm signal might not be peered directly to the central station’s telecom, resulting in the signal being compressed and modified by an aggregator who acts as a middleman in the process. With the IPtelX alarm signal network, there is no go-between. We’re peered with almost every subscriber’s carrier, obtaining the signal from the source as soon as it reaches the central station. This guarantees the highest-quality transmissions possible.

With end-to-end visibility, we view all signaling errors and proactively reroute in times of congestion or failure without hesitation or delay in traffic.

Real Time Monitoring

We’ve enabled our 24/7 network operations center to be proactive with comprehensive tools that problems, threats, and patterns before our customers and services are impacted.


Our network is built on almost every major carrier and internet provider. We can leverage several paths to and from any origin or destination within the internet and public switched telephone network.


As a leader in the alarm and security industries, our network is carrying traffic that impacts lives, property, and sensitive data.
Uncompromised security is our top priority.