Our network is constantly growing with one interconnection at a time. Connect your network to ours and plug into the future of communications.
Interconnecting with IPtelX comes with many benefits, including access to a full range of communication services, redundant and burstable capacity, direct access to our network of subscribers and upstream carriers, and custom application integration that fits your business model. Each interconnection made to our network receives personal attention from our staff of highly skilled and certified engineers who design, develop, and manage our network and client connectivity.

SIP Trunking

The IPtelX network is primarily interconnected and offers services using SIP (session initiated protocol). This allows for a cost-effective, scalable, and redundant medium of interconnection between IPtelX and our clients. We provide multiple points of presence, which can be connected by a private network or publicly over the internet. Benefits of SIP trunking include:
  • Reduces overlapping networks and duplicative equipment
  • Eliminates the need for physical and costly local phone lines or circuits
  • Enables fast geographic growth
  • Provides a seamless solution for remote workers with mobile communications
  • Reroute traffic to alternate offices, mobile phones, or anywhere with internet access in the event of power outages or localized network failures