Converged Data

Where internet access and network services meet to deliver a simplified solution capable of supporting your voice, video, and data needs.

IPtelX has partnered with local exchange carriers, multiple system operators, mobile network operators, and Tier 1 IP backbone providers to build an IP network throughout North America capable of delivering at least two types of independent and distinct internet access to the majority of the population.

Today, many companies are looking for solutions that provide not only reliable internet connectivity, but scalable network solutions that are not reliant on proprietary or legacy products of the past. Our network solutions include Managed Router, DirectLink, and neXus, which are solutions for products that work together to provide a completely redundant network with secure and encapsulated connectivity between sites. This can be used for intercompany connectivity and managed access to the IPtelX unified voice networks and connected cloud solutions.

Your business is changing and whether it is expanding or consolidating, it requires the capabilities to run today’s demanding applications like streaming data, email and video content. You want a service that is fast, versatile and will carry your mission-critical data wherever and whenever it is needed. Finding the right solution that fits your need and your budget is critical and many businesses find Ethernet services will deliver the performance they need at an affordable price