Network Services

Build a superior network on cutting edge technology.
Today, many companies are looking for solutions that provide not only reliable internet connectivity, but scalable network solutions that are not reliant on proprietary or legacy products of the past. Our network solutions include Managed Router, DirectLink, and neXus, which are solutions for products that work together to provide a completely redundant network with secure and encapsulated connectivity between sites. This can be used for intercompany connectivity and managed access to the IPtelX unified voice networks and connected cloud solutions.

Managed Router

Our managed router is designed specifically to load balance and fail over between multiple types of internet connectivity, providing a conditioned QoS environment for real-time applications like voice and video, and monitoring by our 24/7 network operations center. We produce several models ranging from a small office router to a rack mountable hot redundant version with multiple power supplies and network interfaces.

DirectLink Service

Our DirectLink service is provided in conjunction with our Managed Router. It provisions secure and encapsulate connectivity between two or more locations for exchanging traffic.

neXus Service

Our neXus service is provided in conjunction with our Managed Router and DirectLink service and is a superior replacement to multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks. neXus is configured on two or more internet connections with two or more hot redundant managed routers, providing a fault-tolerant solution with the secure and encapsulated connectivity needed between sites.