Choose a network intelligently routed to deliver your outbound calls with priority, quality, and affordability.

IPtelX brings the capacity of many carrier networks together with its termination product. We create a robust and cost effective environment for your outbound local and long distance calling needs with direct peering to local exchange carriers, interexchange carriers, multiple systems operators, and mobile network operators. Our network employs fault tolerancy with automatic re-route capabilities in the event that one of our upstream carriers fails to complete a call. With several routes to each calling destination, we guarantee your call will be completed on the best route for the best price. Some key advantages of our termination product include:

  • Multiple points of interconnection between our network and our clients
  • Intelligent call routing by cost, quality, or preference
  • Ability to place calls as multiple locations, businesses, or persons with the appropriate Caller ID presented and changeable on a call-by-call basis
  • Two models of pricing include a flat rate per minute with tiered options or a carrier rate deck based on terminating NPA-NXX or OCN/LATA