Enable your business with the real-time delivery of text, images, multimedia, and documents.

Today, messaging isn’t just for mobile phones. Businesses can now enable their local or toll-free phone numbers to receive text messages or send text and multimedia to their customers. Messaging between landline numbers and wireless subscribers is ten times more effective and likely to be read than email. With the integration of applications, a business can electronically send customer notifications, product information, or information that would typically be emailed to a customer’s mobile phone. Our messaging products include:

Short Message Service (SMS)

Text messaging between two subscribers through email or web and mobile applications. IPtelX can text enable any local or toll-free number.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Group text messaging between more than two subscribers or the messaging of audio, video, and images through email or web and mobile applications.

Facsimile Service (FAX)

The transmission of scanned printed material or electronic documents across the public switched telephone network. Our network complies with T.38 protocol to support faxing on SIP-based services. We offer a virtual faxing service that is capable of sending and receiving faxes over the web, through email, or a mobile application.

IPtelX provides application integration with several ways of interfacing to our messaging products and pricing models, including a tiered per-transaction rate or package-based subscriptions.