Switched Ethernet Service

Connecting your business across the metropolitan area network
Your business is changing and whether it is expanding or consolidating, it requires the capabilities to run today’s demanding applications like streaming data, email and video content. You want a service that is fast, versatile and will carry your mission-critical data wherever and whenever it is needed. Finding the right solution that fits your need and your budget is critical and many businesses find Ethernet services will deliver the performance they need at an affordable price.  We can offer Switched Ethernet Service powered by AT&T as a Gold Partner Exchange member.


  • Supports application performance with transport speeds from5 Mbps to 1 Gbps for point to point configurations
  • Expands your capabilities with Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, or Multipoint configurations
  • Virtual LAN connections allow you to set different destinations and priority for each application or department
  • Connect all locations together in a single virtual LAN, or enable virtual private lines from remote locations to your head office data center

Potential benefits

  • Scalable to fit the size of your business
  • Simplified network architecture that lets you run multiple applications on a single network
  • Cost-effective so you get more from your investment dollars
  • Network flexibility to meet your changing business requirements
  • High performance to deliver traffic in milliseconds
  • Reliability to help continuity in your business

Take the first step with Switched Ethernet

You already have the first piece of network in place with your Ethernet based LAN. Now you can take the next step toward the future. Connecting your sites together with our Switched Ethernet Service, powered by AT&T as a Gold Partner Exchange member, will help the delivery of important voice, data, and video applications to your large and small offices around the metro area. Information networks and transactions are the lifeblood of today’s business and Switched Ethernet will open the doors to new possibilities as your business grows and changes. Plus, you’ll get service level agreements that will help support your critical applications.
Switched Ethernet uses fiber optic or copper technology to connect each of your offices to our highly secure and protected core Ethernet network. Your network is managed closely to help peak performance for your most vital and delay-sensitive applications. That means important traffic is prioritized and will cross the network in milliseconds. Speed, performance and security are backed by service level agreements designed to provide the stability and continuity your business demands.

It’s the right choice for your business

Switched Ethernet, powered by AT&T as a Gold Partner Exchange member, offers simplicity, scalability, flexibility and affordability. One network design does not fit all, so flexible configurations such as site to site, headquarter to branch offices or fully meshed, enable the network to fit your business. The way your business runs applications and interacts is the way Switched Ethernet can be configured. Build on your existing architecture, use it for back-up or simply use it for a new, more reliable way to communicate
Want control of your network and need to minimize the cost of outsourcing to a network manager? Switched Ethernet allows you to make changes to routing schemes, insert encryption and run the protocols of your choice. Since Ethernet is familiar technology and runs your LAN, you can utilize your knowledgeable IT staff to control, secure and route your critical data through the Wide Area Network (WAN).
Maximize your network budget by purchasing the bandwidth needed today while knowing the service can easily be upgraded to higher speeds, from megabits to gigabits. Size each connection based on the content or applications that are in use, knowing you can always modify the speed or performance when necessary. Switched Ethernet is ideally suited to transporting today’s Internet Protocol (IP) based applications including voice, video and collaboration tools that require real time performance. The high capacity service supports fast transmission of your largest files or the constant flow of streaming multimedia that gives users a richer, more immersive experience.

Want more information about the product?

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