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The toll-free network provides some unique advantages. Routing of toll-free numbers is controlled in a central registry called SMS/800, where the choice of a carrier to route toll-free calls is made within the registry and can be changed instantaneously. This means a toll-free subscriber is not stuck with one carrier, nor do the carriers control the routing of toll-free numbers. Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) control toll-free routing, and IPtelX is one of just a couple hundred Resp Orgs authorized to access and manage SMS/800.

Responsible Organization (Resp Org)

We have many clients ranging from small businesses and multi-location enterprises, to service providers that designate us as their Resp Org of toll-free numbers. IPtelX has integrated with SMS/800 and developed intelligent routing schemes that allows us to route toll-free traffic on multiple carrier networks with routing patterns for least-cost, load balancing, failover, and network performance. The Resp Org ID for IPtelX is PDX01.

Toll-Free Transit

In addition to our Resp Org service, IPtelX operates a toll-free network capable of originating and terminating your toll-free traffic. With over a dozen major interexchange networks we’re peered with, we can provide true carrier diversity and intelligently route your traffic to minimize cost and increase performance. Contact us for more information about our program that compensates for toll-free calls dialed out of our network. We will pay you for your toll-free traffic.