Connected Cloud

Connect to your virtualized technology anywhere.
Our connected cloud of virtual software and applications are available to our clients as Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Cloud services are one of the fastest-growing subjects in information technology and are the way of the future, eliminating costly hardware and replacing on-site supported solutions with newer virtualized technology. We maintain our cloud center on state-of-the-art hardware with ample processing and storage available. Monitored by our 24/7 network operation center, you can always count on your data being secure.

IPtelX can provide your business with a virtualized phone switch solution that is scalable to multiple locations and hundreds of users. We support access over the public internet or can establish private connectivity or virtual private networks (VPNs) to better secure access. Our solution provides application program interface (API) data sets to allow software developers and clients to interface features such as auto dialers, screen pops, and call routing services. We’ve built-in several different types of reporting tools, dashboards, and applications to allow for remote users and large call centers.

Employing a comprehensive call routing system is essential for a network with multiple carriers. Call routing solutions from IPtelX not only provide traditional least cost routing (LCR) functionality, but can also route according to other criteria, including call quality using measurements like mean opinion scores (MOS), session initiation protocol (SIP) response codes, Post dial delay (PDD), packet loss, or jitter. Few call routing engines analyze data within the call stream to perfect the call quality a client is receiving. In addition, IPtelX can provide custom interfacing with other software or systems through its API, which could allow customer-provided data to affect the call routing decisions.