About IPtelX

IPtelX officially incorporated in 2013; however, it began in the early 2000s for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity of the Alarm and PSAP (911) industries with DICE Corporation. IPtelX and DICE Corporation are two affiliated companies of unique business models that strategically work together under common ownership and control. DICE Corporation has served the Alarm and Security industries with world-class software and automation solutions for over 30 years. As the evolution to the cloud came about, and as many of DICE’s products became virtualized, unique issues were identified in delivering mission-critical communications to its clients. In the alarm and security industries, the importance for business continuity and disaster recovery is top priority. During Hurricane Katrina, the security clients of DICE Corporation dealt with this issue firsthand. Dealing with legacy telecom carriers, forwarding and failing over tens of thousands of communication lines for alarm monitoring was an arduous task. This difficulty only increased as the PSTN sunset to mediums like VoIP gained traction, causing massive communication issues within the industry. DICE Corporation decided to create IPtelX in a successful attempt to fix the industry’s communication issues and improve the task of failing over mission-critical services, from taking a matter of hours and days to minutes and seconds.

As an FCC and CRTC approved telecommunications carrier, IPtelX operates a widely interconnected IP network at a national scale. IPtelX has an Operating Company Number (OCN) of ‘088J’ issued by the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA). IPtelX has further established its OCN as an Administrative Operating Company Number (AOCN) in the Business Integrated Routing and Rating Database System (BIRRDS) and as a Service Provider ID (SPID) with the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC). This establishment allows IPtelX to perform all number portability functions and control the rating and routing of its own numbering resources within the Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG). IPtelX also has an Access Carrier Name Abbreviation (ACNA) of ‘IXZ’ which has been established in the Common Language Online Entry System (CLONES), allowing the ACNA to be fully capable of provisioning and managing common language codes identifying its switches and Point of Interfaces (POI’s) within the network. Finally, IPtelX is a certified Responsible Organization (Resp Org) of toll free numbers and identified as ‘PDX01’ within the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800), which provides full access to the national pool of toll free numbers and direct control of routing the same. See attached for a full list of our accreditations.

Our team of network engineers and support specialists are based at our headquarters in Bay City, Michigan and collaborate strategically to develop a custom-made plan that works for you. We operate our own data centers and maintain a network operations facility that provides around the clock monitoring of our network and client services. Because we’re a leading source for telecom solutions in the alarm and security industries, our network is built on the highest standards of mission-critical quality and redundancy, allowing us to outperform our competitors at unbeatable prices. 

Meet Our Executive Team

When you work with IPtelX, you have access to a dedicated team of highly skilled sales, engineering, and project management professionals committed to finding the right solutions for you.

Jordan Dice

President & CEO
Jordan Dice is a co-founder of IPtelX and has served as the company’s President and CEO since its inception in 2013. Dice is responsible for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations and industry relationships. A graduate of finance, office administration, and computer science, Dice has worked in the telecommunications industry for nearly 15 years and has diverse experience in negotiating carrier contracts and engineering voice and data networks.

In addition to IPtelX, Dice founded StarNet Wireless, a local internet service provider based in Bay City, Michigan at age 14. The company was a success, reaching over 1,000 subscribers within two years of operation. Dice later developed an interest in real estate and holds a commercial brokers license. Always up for a challenge, Dice never passes on an opportunity, which he says has led to his success.

Congratulations to IPtelX’s President & CEO Jordan Dice for Receiving Security System News’ 40 Under 40 Award

Clifford Dice

Cliff Dice is a co-founder of IPtelX and the president and CEO of DICE Corporation, one of the leading research and development companies in the security industry. As an innovator of software solutions that have helped shape the security industry, Dice has created many of the products and solutions used by some of the largest security companies. After obtaining a degree from Northwood University, Dice founded a software consulting company and was employed by various CPA firms as an accounting and business manager. In the early 1990s, Dice was challenged by a security monitoring company to write an accounting solution, when they said others have tried but no one was able to develop what was needed. Loving a challenge, Dice developed the software, which led to DICE Corporation in 1992.

Some of DICE Corporation’s top services include alarm monitoring, service, sales, smart home, and telecom solutions. DICE also operates the industry’s largest cloud hosting center, supplying over one million subscribers with direct service and six million subscribers with alarm signaling telecom services.

Avi Lupo

Executive Vice President
Avi Lupo is the executive vice president of IPtelX and DICE Corporation, contributing to high-level organizational decisions, product development, and new business opportunities. Avi is also integral in establishing new sales and marketing expansion strategies for the companies’ growing cloud technology.

With over 30 years of management experience in the security industry, Avi comes to IPtelX and DICE Corporation from Kent Technologies in Miami, Florida, where he served as the company’s president and CEO. As a provider of video and security services for a wide range of industries, Lupo led the organization in developing robust preventive and interactive security in technology, including camera, surveillance, facial recognition, and remote guarding services throughout North America.

Prior to his time at Kent Technologies, Avi served as the CEO of FST21 America, a security technology company with offices in Israel and the U.S. and served as co-founder and president of OzVision Global, a leading developer of advanced video solutions in the international security monitoring market. Among his many accomplishments, Avi formed strategic alliances that introduced Video as a Service (VaaS) to the security industry, establishing industry standards.