With the mobility of today’s communications, take your 911 service anywhere you go.
IPtelX has established access to the E911 system for North America, connecting over 6,000 local public safety-answering points (PSAPs). With modern-day VoIP communications, phone numbers are not permanently fixed to an address or matched to their local native boundaries. We maintain a database associating customer location information to designated phone numbers used for emergency calling. Our E911 service can be used by end-user clients to verify and maintain their location and emergency routing information or can be leveraged by resellers and service providers who need to maintain an E911 database and route emergency calls for their customer base. Some key advantages of our E911 service include:
  • Coverage throughout North America
  • Address validation with high acceptance rate
  • Integrated platform for subscriber registration and updates
  • Multiple points of interconnection to our network for emergency call routing