Experience unlimited power to provision phone numbers anywhere in the world and receive calls.
IPtelX can provide phone numbers (DIDs) worldwide and connect inbound traffic, giving our clients global access to conduct business. Direct interconnection to most major networks allows us to shorten the path of your traffic. With our origination services, we’ve eliminated the need for our clients to maintain multiple facilities or build an expensive network to maintain local presence in multiple areas.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) allows our clients to be reached from the public switched telephone network (PSTN). With access to nearly every rate center in North America and over 65 countries worldwide, IPtelX can provide local phone numbers to almost anywhere. Whether you need a new number or have existing numbers you’d like to keep, IPtelX works with other carriers directly to manage the transition of existing numbers to our network. We’ve established two models of pricing for our DID service:
  • Channel access provides unlimited usage with a purchased amount of lines for simultaneous calls.
  • Minutes of use provides a metered, usage based option billed by the minute with an unlimited amount of lines for simultaneous calls.
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Channel Access

Channel access defines the capacity of interconnection between our network and our client and is most commonly purchased as a pricing model to support inbound DID traffic. We provision channels in quantities equivalent to traditional T1 increments or fractions thereof. For clients that have time periods with larger amounts of call volume, we offer a burstable option to exceed the purchased group of channels.

Line Information Database (LIDB)

Many of our clients want to control the caller ID name (CNAM) associated with their DIDs. Our line information database (LIDB) service manages those names associated with our network of DIDs, as well as directory listings and receiving inbound caller names.