Unified Voice

IPtelX is unifying communications, bringing together a full range of integrated solutions to boost your ability to stay connected, help you be productive, and eliminate costly infrastructure.

Our interconnection services offer many benefits, including access to a full range of communication services, redundant and burstable capacity, direct access to our network of subscribers and upstream carriers, and custom application integration that fits your business model. Each interconnection made to our network receives personal attention from our staff of highly skilled and certified engineers who design, develop, and manage our network and client connectivity.

IPtelX can provide phone numbers (DIDs) worldwide and connect inbound traffic, giving our clients global access to conduct business. Direct interconnection to most major networks allows us to shorten the path of your traffic. With our origination services, we’ve eliminated the need for our clients to maintain multiple facilities or build an expensive network to maintain local presence in multiple areas.

IPtelX brings the capacity of many carrier networks together with our termination solutions, creating a robust and cost-effective environment for your outbound local and long-distance calling needs with direct peering to local exchange carriers, interexchange carriers, multiple systems operators, and mobile network operators.

Today, messaging isn’t just for mobile phones. Businesses can now enable their local or toll-free phone numbers to receive text messages or send text and multimedia to their customers. Messaging between landline numbers and wireless subscribers is ten times more effective and likely to be read than email. With the integration of applications, a business can electronically send customer notifications, product information, or information that would typically be emailed to a customer’s mobile phone.

IPtelX has access to the E911 system for North America, connecting over 6,000 local public safety-answering points (PSAPs). With modern-day VoIP communications, phone numbers are not permanently fixed to an address or matched to their local native boundaries. We maintain a database associating customer location information to designated phone numbers used for emergency calling. Our E911 service can be used by end-user clients to verify and maintain their location and emergency routing information or can be leveraged by resellers and service providers who need to maintain an E911 database and route emergency calls for their customer base.

Our toll-free network provides some unique advantages. Routing of toll-free numbers is controlled in a central registry called SMS/800, where the choice of a carrier to route toll-free calls is made within the registry and can be changed instantaneously. This means a toll-free subscriber is not stuck with one carrier, nor do the carriers control the routing of toll-free numbers. Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) control toll-free routing, and IPtelX is one of just a couple hundred Resp Orgs authorized to access and manage SMS/800.

Many IPtelX clients conduct business in multiple countries and seek toll-free numbers that are familiar to their clients. International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) allows users to have multiple toll-free numbers that are local to each country. These numbers ring into the company headquarters in the home country, providing a valuable service for global businesses.

There are millions of monitoring devices, including alarm panels, fire systems, PERS, 2-way voice alarm systems, and HVAC and power reporting systems built on legacy TDM or analog telecom networks. Many of these devices are failing as more carriers are upgrading to VoIP networks. In response to this problem, IPtelX has built an enhanced VoIP network, known as the Alarm Industry Signal Network (AISN), that simulates the quality and reliability of legacy TDM and analog networks. This innovation has allowed legacy monitoring devices to stay in service on newer technology.