Alarm Signaling

Are your sensitive monitoring systems at risk? Our specially designed alarm signal network that is VoIP compatible eliminates this danger.
There are millions of monitoring devices, including alarm panels, fire systems, PERS, 2-way voice alarm systems, and HVAC and power reporting systems built on legacy TDM or analog telecom networks. Many of these devices are failing as more carriers are upgrading to VoIP networks. In response to this problem, IPtelX has built an enhanced VoIP network, known as the Alarm Industry Signal Network (AISN), that simulates the quality and reliability of legacy TDM and analog networks. This innovation has allowed legacy monitoring devices to stay in service on newer technology.
Our network receives the alarm transmissions at the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) source, can decode and re-encode them as an IP compatible signal, and safely and securely deliver the signals to the central station or monitoring company. This process removes cheap aggregators and middle carriers that often distort the quality of the calls causing common signal failures. In partnership with our sister company DICE Corporation, a world leader in alarm automation software; we’ve developed tools to monitor the quality of the signals and report statistics. Reported information includes the signal’s originating carrier, tandem switch and tandem office, as well as the configuration and format of the alarm signal itself. This allows us to quickly identify patterns of signal failure and focus our efforts to perfect the network, identify bad devices, or seek correction of the device’s originating networks.
The IPtelX AISN has full georedundancy, is capable of decoding thousands of alarm signals, and is currently handling over 2 million subscribers.