Internet Access

Finding reliable internet connectivity is a must, and our broad portfolio of options makes your life easier.

IPtelX has partnered with local exchange carriers, multiple system operators, mobile network operators, and Tier 1 IP backbone providers to build an IP network throughout North America capable of delivering at least two types of independent and distinct internet access to the majority of the population.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

IPtelX Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is typically available in an Ethernet over fiber product with bandwidth ranging from 10MB to 10GB. We are capable of delivering our DIA product using local telecom fiber, local cable operator fiber, or several private fiber sources available in some areas. We can configure several models, including IP access, private line, virtual network, or to a provider NNI.


IPtelX broadband includes cable, DSL, and shared fiber available in consumer and small business grade services. Our focus with the broadband products is to support multi-site projects or applications.

Mobile Data

IPtelX mobile data is available at 4G speeds ranging from 3MB to 15MB, peaking at 50MB in some areas. We can offer our mobile data product as a backup to DIA or broadband.


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