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IPtelX empowers our clients with a unique approach to telecom that gets results. Founded in 2013 to address growing concerns with signal failures and compromised quality in the alarm industry, IPtelX specializes in custom telecom solutions backed by a global network connected to nearly every major carrier and internet provider around the world. From businesses looking for top-notch quality to wholesalers looking for a partner to do the heavy lifting and provide a superior network, IPtelX has you covered.

Here’s what some of our customers say

"We have been using IPtelX since 2016, and it has transformed the way we do business. From Internet to voice, IPtelX has allowed us to take control of our telecom and become a more dynamic and cost-efficient company. The engineer we worked with was fantastic! His knowledge of the call path and details of SIP transport gave us the utmost confidence in the high performance of IPtelX."
- Numerex, Greg Selig, Sr. Director of Network and Carrier Engineering

"As one of the largest alarm companies in the country, we wanted our telecom to be reliable, redundant, and help us avoid the sunset of POTS lines. IPtelX and their Geo-located telecom service was the obvious choice."
- Ackerman, Al Oliver, IT Director

"I knew that finding a telecom provider that could handle the complexities of our business would be a challenge, but IPtelX understands our needs. Their unique VoIP network has allowed us to continue using legacy monitoring devices with new telecom technology. They have been able to assist us every step of the way with their industry expertise and engineering & software customization capability."
- General Security, John Lupino, General Manager

Customer Service

IPtelX is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We believe in setting the proper expectations and providing timely communication for a higher level of customer satisfaction. From time of signature, through the implementation process and post install support, you are assured of our commitment to excellence. In addition, we realize that changes may occur throughout the implementation process; therefore, we understand the importance of displaying flexibility with our customers. This may account for our 98+% customer retention rate.

IPtelX believes in having a team of professionals supporting each of our customers and their services. When choosing to work with us, your team will consist of a sales contact, account manager, and access to our network operations center (NOC). Our account management team is responsible for project managing your install process, as well as the overall customer satisfaction for your services with IPtelX.

24/7 Technical Support Process

Our Network Operations Center operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, with a Tier 1 and Tier 2 level. At the Tier 1 level, a client can create a trouble ticket by calling or emailing our NOC directly or logging into our support portal and creating trouble tickets. Our software also provides various communication methods to keep you updated. Our system can email updates and notes, which allows for you to see transfers between Tier 1 and Tier 2 groups. The portal allows for interaction with the trouble tickets, offering the ability to add notes and respond to any active tickets. The portal includes a management system that allows for divisions or departments to manage their tickets. An IT manager or director level can have access to all underlying tickets and reporting systems. Lastly, our ticket management system allows for the attachment of documents and pictures to aid your staff and ours in faster resolution.

Board of Proof

With over 15,000 players in the industry, how well do you know your provider? Less than 5% strategically interconnect or manage their own number resources. IPtelX prides itself as a true service provider, not reliant on others to manage its resources. The proof is in the numbers…
Board of Proof


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